1.) I am buying a house. I am considering some renovations, can you help me assess if they are realistic and how much they would cost?
Yes, we can visit the house with you and discuss its potential.
Also, we can go over the typical deficiencies of the building depending on its age. We can also provide you with rough estimates of the required repairs, as well as any alteration you may be considering.

2.) I am a busy professional with no time to take care of a kitchen renovation. Can you take care of it for me?
Yes, we can take care of a renovation for you. We can propose designs for your new kitchen, we can provide sketches and shop drawings for the cabinet maker, we can suggest and purchase new appliances and execute the work and installation, making certain no detail is forgotten. After your approval of the initial design concept, we can execute the plan with minimal time commitment on your part.

3.) I already have a contractor and a permit for a house renovation, but I do not know much about construction. Can you make sure the work goes according to plan, budget and time?
We can act as the project manager for you, making sure that your renovation is carried out according to applicable codes and laws, as well as according to your existing contract. In the event of unexpected developments, we can advise you before you make any decisions. We will work with your contractor to ensure your project is executed on time and according to budget.

4.) What type of insurance do you have for your work?
We have contractor’s insurance for labour and any damage that could occur to the property up to $2,000,000. Our workers and contractors are insured with the WSIB.

5.) I want to take out the wall between the Kitchen and Dinning Room. Do I need a permit?
You need a permit only if the wall is load bearing and removing it would have an impact on the structure of the house. We can help you determine the wall structure and then find solutions to go on with your project depending on the findings.

6.) I want to gain some space in my basement by underpinning the foundation walls.
Do I need a permit?
You need a permit to excavate for a basement and construct a new foundation. To obtain a permit, in most cases you must produce a complete set of architectural floor plans and drawings that have been officially stamped by an approved Structural Engineer (P-Eng.). Depending on the local situation you may need to provide an actual survey. We can recommend and contact an engineer and surveyor for you.

7.) The roof of my house is old and damaged. Do I need a permit to change the roof shingles?
Re-roofing does not typically require a permit, except in particular circumstances where structural changes are necessary. We can evaluate your situation and advise you on the actions to be performed.

8.) How much does a permit cost?
Costs vary greatly. Any question about the cost cannot be answered without careful examination of the existing conditions and requirements of the project.