How we can help

We know that every project is a challenge and success does not happen by accident.
This is why we help our clients with the preconstruction phase. The time spent planning ensures that proper attention is given to all details, thus resulting in successful completion. We guide clients through every step of the journey.

1.) PLAN
The first step you have to take is to decide what you want to achieve and what your budget is. The key to success of any project is balancing the budget with the desired outcome.

The second step is to formulate a design. Formulating the right plan requires a lot of research and many decisions have to be made. In this stage, we will help you to customize and personalize the project, working with you on designing the look and layout that will please you and satisfy the requirements of the local law.

The third step is to determine whether the project requires a building permit. Such a permit confirms that the design meets the Ontario Building Code, Local Zoning Bylaws and other regulations. Homeowners are always responsible for obtaining building permits; however, we will help you get the permit and walk you through the whole process.